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Facts About Network Load Balancer

Running your own website comes with its own unique pressures and concerns. If you are experiencing high traffic that is compromising the functionality of your site, you may want to think about getting a load balancer. The following are a few facts about how and why a network load balancer may be the right fit for you.

Consolidation of Addresses

If you have a group of servers running your website you can use a load balancer to produce a single address for the collective of computers. If you are running a business website, then the main objective is to make sure people visit the site as much as possible. Once you have put advertising behind a website, you will not be able to change your IP address due to recognition of your existing IP. By using a network load balancer you can keep the same IP address but add many different pages to enhance the functionality of your site. By having one access point for your different servers, you will be able to add an endless amount of links and pages to your existing site.

Default Server

When using a network load balancer, you will have to assign a rank to each server. The server you name a number one, will of course be your primary server. This means that all of the initial traffic to your website will go to the primary server first and if it is too busy then it will go on to number two server and so on. Generally, your primary and secondary servers will stay busy a majority of the time, while the other back up servers will be mostly idle. By keeping your website flowing and operational, you can avoid losing users due to crashes or inactivity of links.

If you need help with the configuration of you network servers, They offer a variety of different products to help you prevent your site from crashing due to high traffic. By ensuring that your website can handle any amount of traffic ,you will feel confident about advertising to a mass amount of people.

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