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Characteristics of Good Contract Administration Software

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Software

If you want to maintain your contracts with ease, you should purchase easy to use contract administration software. This software allows you to draft and edit contracts and you can delete all terminated or expired contracts to keep you organized. Here are some characteristics of good contract administration.

Lifecycle Tracking

A common characteristic of easy to use contract administration software is that it does a good job of tracking the lifecycle of your contracts. You can look over new inquiries for contracts with your company and you’ll look at their information to determine if they qualify for establishing contracts with your company. You can also track the number of contracts you created in recent weeks or months and edit them when needed. If you terminated certain contracts, the software has a feature where you can eliminate those to streamline the database.

Deadline Alerts

Good contract administration software also comes with a feature that alerts you of upcoming deadlines for the completion of projects that are required in the contracts you have on file. You can also receive alerts on upcoming audits from your clients that are associated with the contracts and this gives you time to work on the contracts ahead of the audit.

Organization of Financial Data

The best easy to use contract administration software also has a feature where you can organize all of your invoices in one place and the database can be sorted in categories. You would have a section where you place your paid items and there is another section where you can have your items that haven’t been paid to you by clients. This keeps you from mishandling your financial information and you can record your expenses correctly.

Automatic Contract Renewal

Instead of wasting paper and money on preparing new contracts when it’s time to renew them, you can install easy to use contract administration software to automatically renew your contracts without having to send out numerous mailings to your clients to inform them of their upcoming renewal. If the clients choose not to renew their contract, you can use the software to delete all unwanted contracts from your database.

When you have easy to use contract administration software, managing software becomes easier to do and you save money and time in the process. You should think about affordability when buying the software but you should also not neglect quality and the best features that suit your company’s needs.

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