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5 Creative Employee Recognition Program Ideas

Regular employee recognition has many benefits. When employees are recognized, employee retention, engagement, and motivation are increased.

In addition, employees gain a feeling of appreciation and value while in their work environment. While employees always welcome a simple “thank you”, utilizing a creative recognition program idea has a longer-lasting positive effect.

Coupons for Time Off

To show recognition, hand out coupons worth 15-minutes (or an hour, it’s up to you) each of time off from work. Employees can use one coupon at a time, or collect many to come in late one day or leave early one day.

Peer-to-Peer Program

Develop a peer-to-peer program, where employees are able to give one another compliments. These can be given on either an internal website or bulletin board. Employees will have the ability to recognize their peers in a direct way. At the end of each month, enter employees that received awards into a draw, where they can win a prize.

Point Systems

For an employee reward program, create a points system. Rather than a one-time reward, this is an excellent platform for continuing recognition. Points are rewarded to employees for their outstanding performance. Employees can exchange their points for gifts after accumulating a certain amount. Employers can offer their employees a wide variety of rewards they can choose from.

Dedicated Parking Spot

Allow a commended employee to use a dedicated parking spot for a specified number of days, such as a week or month. This method works best when your office is located in a spot where parking is scarce, or an office where parking is allocated by HR, based on seniority.


An incredible way to recognize your employees is remembering significant events in their lives. For example, perhaps they have a small child beginning kindergarten, by giving them a work-from-home day they are able to participate while not having to worry about making it work on time.

Employees’ happiness can make a big difference in their work output. There are numerous ways which employers can recognize their employees. These are just 5 suggestions.

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