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Multiple Benefits of Digital Menu Signage

Digital menu signage can be extremely powerful and flexible to use for in house promotions and special offers. The retail food industry is largely dependent on suggestive selling and up-selling.

Digital menus can be an effective vehicle to suggestively sell items you store has available that are more profitable and better margins. Items that are showcased on your digital menu can be easier to view by patrons. This can significantly increase your sales and generate a better return on investments than you’re currently getting from your traditional posters or simple promotional banners.

Not using digital menus could be adversely impacting your ability to tell the story of complex products which can make them more palatable than otherwise. Besides the clear benefit that digital menu boards, there is no comparison with the out-dated static versions when it comes to the overall benefits and advantages.

Understanding the Up-promoting Benefits

With Digital Menus, you do no longer need to keep asking your customers whether or not they “would like fries with their meal” – the virtual menu board effectively does this job rather than the constant asking the same question over and over. This is a more creative way of catching the client’s eye and attractive them to make the higher purchase.

Due to the clear display screen resolution, viewers also get a refined look at the food items you offer, instead of wondering what they look like when reviewing a traditional boring static menu or even basic images. In 2010 when Burger King first deployed digital menus of their Birmingham and London location, their sales increased by 65% in less than a year.

Display Menu Prices and Changing Prices Quickly & Easily

Out-dated static menus are pretty cumbersome in relation to updating them so often manually. However, with digital style menu boards, making changes to the menu can be significantly easier and a lot less complicated. Not to mention faster! The software may even be scheduled beforehand based on a preset time to set off special promotions correctly, Advanced digital menus provided by TJG Digital Signs for example can also remotely controlled so that marketing leaders that manage multiple restaurants can have complete control over the entire community of digital menu monitors at all times.

Digital Signage Reduces Perceived Waiting

By Adding a few attractive video or image-driven digital menus, information, or diverse types of content can help to reduce a patron’s perceived waiting time. This also offers clients a purpose to gaze at your digital monitors and your high profit items can entice your customers to new promotions and products. Generally speaking, when you offer digital menu screens in your restaurant, patrons feel that they are given something worthwhile to do as they both consume or wait to order food items, which ultimately results in a higher customer enjoy.

Promote Brand Consistency

There is always a probability of an employee forgetting, or even neglecting to make adjustments to static menus. However, whilst you operate digital menu boards and screens, you’re assured that every single location has a consistent and efficiently updated menus signage. A promotion may be launched at all restaurant locations at the same precise time and monitored remotely and gauge sales and profit changes over time. Additionally, as soon as digital menu boards are mounted, they can be updated with ease.

To conclude, Digital menu boards are powerful and are in fact good for the environment too. They offer a dynamic manner of communicating with clients, driving up sales with promotions and special while also imparting informative information at the same time. If you are in need of a digital signage solution provider contact TJG Digital today.

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