The development of mobile software

by | Nov 19, 2011 | Mobile Software

gone are the days of stone age men and the usage of natural habitat for everything. Those were the days when technology was not in the picture at all and man had not progressed. But as time passed man started progressing and a lot of changes happened. The technology improved leaps and bounds with a lot of inventions and discoveries. The mobile phone is one such invention that surprised many. People were not sure of it in the beginning but gradually it became a success. There are unlimited things one can do with the mobile phone. From the black and white phones to the colour ones the mobile phones have come a long way.

Types of mobile software

mobile software development is a process in which applications are made for mobile phones. The applications can either be downloaded by customers on App Stores or they are pre-installed on the phones when they are manufactured. Many platforms support devices that are made by manufacturers or a manufacturer. The various platforms are Android, Java ME, QT, Flash Lite. These mobile software are supported by multiple manufacturers. Blackberry and Ios (Apple) are supported by a single manufacturer. the development environment provides tools that allow a developer to write, deploy applications, test into target platform environments.

Mobile software include internet browsing, gaming, audio and video players, utilities etc. it is then obvious that one has an access to the the entire world through the mobile phone. There are amny advantages of the mobile software. One advantage is that the customer gets the mobile application by the mobile program and does not have to go to some third party. Mobile application developers can develop, conceive and customise the software as per as the customer’s whims and fancies. The size of the mobile phones makes the software very friendly in use and handy too. Mobile software are cost-effective too and that is why the best thing in mobile phones.

development of mobile software

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