A Closer Look at Web SSO as a Service

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Software

In order for organizations to keep afloat and in stay touch with technological advancements, companies are being accorded a chance to connect staff with secure user friendly access to systems as well as resources from various online sources. Many are saving costs by reducing time spent on multiple logins as well as other system hurdles via web SSO as a service.

Management Solutions
Technology has introduced cloud access that has made many easier, practical, and affordable platforms where companies now have their operating systems secured. Web SSO as a service has made it possible for organizations link up with other external devices via web-enabled collaboration solutions, as well as cloud computing services by helping the organization get better access to management functions.

Managing Cloud Applications
Cloud access provides quality and complete access to management capabilities to the entire organization’s network content; it also provides applications as well as services across a variety of internal platforms which include directory services. These services offered are also automatically extended to outside partners that are incorporated in collaboration solutions, plus SaaS applications as well. Many online web applications have made it easier for users to use one password which is remembered and saved in the server to open up all relevant applications.

Effective Password Management
Web SSO as a service offers users a chance to use a singular password whereby logged in to various applications seamlessly without having to spend much time logging in each application separately. The service however goes further to offer security on passwords and applications ensuring no outsider have access to the information contained. Web SSO as a service provides solutions for single sign-on, seamless web access control, remote security, plus identity enabled access management and distinctiveness.

Access Control
Web SSO is a platform that enables access to many resources when the right user has been successfully logged in. This platform is an effective gateway to help outsiders gain access to secure information, however its security features have been developed at very high levels thus ensuring the passwords entered using this platform are encrypted, and thereby protecting all the information fed into it and held in said accounts.

Enhanced Security
Finally, web Single Sign On is designed so that if the end user happens to lose their given password they will be automatically denied access to any accounts and all other systems, and therefore the operator will then need to go through a complex security procedure before being granted access again.

Cloud Access offers Web SSO as a service to help an organization get better access to management functions. It also has made possible for organizations to link up with other external devices via web-enabled collaboration solutions.

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