Benefits of Investing in ATM Managed Services

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Software

ATM Managed Services are services that provide management of customer’s asset / premise. This is done through the best monitoring tools in order to ensure that clients enjoy the best uptime figure. The service helps anticipate ATM failures so that technical service can be deployed before a breakdown occurs and reduces downtime.

In today’s highly competitive climate, leading banks and ATM deployers are striving to reduce costs, generate more revenue and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the ATM’s. All of these goals can be realized by entrusting ATM network operations to AGS.

AGS’ ATM managed services, housed at The AGS Command Centre facility are equipped with top-in-line technologies for remote monitoring of the ATMs, content delivery, security services, and currency management with a team of highly trained specialists 24 x 7 x 365.

The following entails AGS Managed Services offerings:

  • Location Management
  • ATM Deployment
  • Network Management
  • Cash Management
  • ATM Connectivity to LIVE network
  • Payment Process
  • Change Management Processes

ATM Managed Services provide a single point of accountability and end-to-end visibility of the ATM network, from both an operational and a management perspective.

There are various benefits of hiring ATM managed services for a bank. Find out how ATM

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