How A Bandwidth Manager Can Help Your Business

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Software

When it comes to business and a bandwidth manager, it’s important to know about your network. It’s likely that your network is very important to your business. However, you should have a clear understanding of the relationship between your network needs and your business needs. Do you have customers that expect high-speed access to various parts of your website? Some businesses allow customers and employees to upload massive amounts of data through the network. These are definitely things to consider when thinking about a bandwidth manager.

You need to know the kind of traffic your business will be getting. Are you operating a small business or a big business? How many customers do you see on average? Certain kinds of heavy activity can take up a lot of your bandwidth. For instance, nowadays, many people save and upload a lot of their work onto cloud services. Is this something that many of your employees utilize? If so, the data that’s constantly being transferred over the network could be taking up large amounts of your bandwidth. This is why you need a proper bandwidth manager.

In many cases, the tools you use can have a direct effect on your bandwidth. What types of tools are plugged into your network? There may be certain websites and various media that your computer is discretely using. In some instances you can setup your router to determine what operations are important for bandwidth use. This will prioritize the different functions, and can free up more bandwidth in the process.

There are certain online activities that’ll undoubtedly hog your bandwidth. For instance, media streaming is a very popular activity done online. People are constantly streaming movies and music videos from various websites. This type of media is very demanding, and will generally require a generous amount of bandwidth in order to operate appropriately. In order to minimize the amount of bandwidth that’s used, you can alter the settings for the quality of these videos. Sometimes lowering the quality will cause less strain on the bandwidth. The less detail that’s needed for these videos, the less your bandwidth is used. You may be able to find a bandwidth manager to automatically alter these settings.

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