Inkjet printers; max utility, min space

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Software

Inkjet printers that perform multiple functions are an absolutely great solution for those who run a small business from their home. These machines do a number of tasks which are in demand around an office and they do these tasks in the minimum amount of space. These machines use a HP ink cartridge refill to do black printing, color printing, photocopying and fax, they also do duty as a scanner. Rarely does a home based business have the luxury of space so using a multi-tasking machine is ideal.

Over and above the versatility of these wonderful machines is the fact that the prices are reached a point where the purchase of one does not put an uncomfortable strain on the budget of a small business. This quickly translates into maximum ROI. The cost of the multi-tasking machine has now reached the point where the cost of purchasing replacement OEM cartridges will exceed the price of the machine. The wise businessman is cautious about all expenses, this is one reason why many small business owners are turning to a HP ink cartridge refill rather than OEM; for many print jobs they are also using less costly paper for prints that will never leave the office.

There are a number of good reasons to invest in a multifunction printer:

Black printing: The cheapest multifunction inkjet printer available will produce quite acceptable prints, and they will do it quickly. The results will vary somewhat with the type of paper used, many offices find that 20 weight recycled bond paper is ideal, it is less costly because it is not 100 percent virgin but the weight is such that there is no bleed-through of the ink. For ultra important documents most people use a special paper which has been produced expressly for inkjet printers.

Color text and graphics: Greyscale or color is most acceptable on even the cheapest machine. It is possible to vary the quality by increasing the sharpness but the HP ink cartridge refill will not last as long as the print density is increased.

When printing in color, the recycled paper is not as effective and many people switch to the special inkjet papers for documents where graphs etc are displayed in color.

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