Important Choices When Buying Industrial Power Tools

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Hardware & Industrial Tools supplier

There are many different options in electrical tools on the market in Dubai. These include international brands for top names in manufacturers from around the world. However, the two main types of tools include those designed for home use and those used for industrial types of projects and construction.

While it is possible to buy industrial grade power tools for home use, the reverse is not true. Home use electric tools are simply not designed to stand up to the demands of industrial work. There are some manufacturers that offer different lines of tools, once for home use and one for industrial use.

Finding the Right Supplier

Some suppliers of power tools for industrial use, including for the trades as well as for construction, tend to offer a limited selection of brands. This is often due to an agreement with the manufacturer where only their products will be sold.

Top companies offer these tools for industrial use will be authorised distributors for a number of brands. These will be the global or international brands that are seen as the gold standards in the various types of tools. Brands included in this group include Clarke, Eclipse, Starrett, Dormer, and Irwin. Other brands to look for include Bosch, and Dewalt, which include a wide range of different tool options.

The Advantages of Buying In-Person

While there are several good reasons to buy online, there are several equally important reasons to purchase power tools in-person. Choosing a local, authorised supplier provides the buyer with a guarantee that any issue with the tool will be corrected quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Additionally, with a local business, the construction company or the trade contractor is able to directly discuss the type of tools and compare options for different manufacturers. This ability to complete a side-by-side comparison will be essential in getting the ideal tool for the job.

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