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How To Run Your Service Shop Repair Company

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Software Company

Owning a service shop repair company can be an excellent way to help people and make money. However, knowing what to do and when can be essential. While you may have a particular way of doing things, you may find that they aren’t as efficient as they once were, especially if you started the business before technology was so prevalent.


Most people don’t want to spend money, even if they know that it will save them money later. For example, if you were to suggest routine maintenance over the course of a year, people may be surprised at the high number. However, if you average it to the cost per day, it will be much lower. You can also average it over the course of a month, show them just how little they can spend to maintain their vehicle.

Know Habits

When it comes to your employees and customers, it’s good to know more about their habits. For example, do you employees rush right to work or tend to dawdle? Do they seem to be efficient or does it take one person a lot longer to complete work that someone else does relatively quickly?

You may also want to consider what your customers do and how they spend. For example, do they tend to wait until there is an issue to get all the maintenance work done or are they more pro-active? Your service shop repair company should know these things so that they can prepare for these situations better.


A service shop repair company isn’t likely to make it very far without management software. This software is designed to make life easier, though you may have to spend a little time learning it. Once mastered, you can generate reports, give itemized receipts, and send work to the technicians efficiently. Visit egenuity.com more more information.

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